Five Crafts Under Five Dollars

5 Dog-Related Crafts Under $5 Each | Bored while you #stayhome? Check out these 5 dog-related craft projects you can make for around $5 each! Most of the items used in this blog post were purchased at Dollar Tree (see the disclaimer below), but you can always adapt the design if you're using similar materials from another store. Many of these projects make great gifts – if you're bored at home but don't want any more clutter, you can spread some love to

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DIY Holiday Card Holder

How to Make a Holder for Your Christmas Cards | If you're like me and have already started receiving holiday cards, you're probably looking for a good place to display them in your home. I've created this super easy DIY Christmas card holder that you can customize however you'd like. If you don't want to paint your own letter board, you could always purchase a pre-made wooden holiday decor sign and add the ribbons to it! The size of this project is also

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How to Make a Felt Boa

How to Make a Felt Boa | I was feeling crafty today and decided to make something I've dubbed the "felt boa." It's like a feather boa, but more colorful, less messy, and honestly, way cooler looking! I was at Hobby Lobby when I saw this thing (pictured below) that I thought was super cool, but definitely didn't want to pay $14 for. Whenever I see something that I could make for a lot cheaper than I could buy it for, I'm ready

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