40 Places in San Diego Where You Can Dine with Your Dog

| Dining out at restaurants is one of my favorite things to do, so of course I want to bring my baby girl along! I’ve compiled a huge list of all of my favorite restaurants and some recommendations from friends into the most comprehensively epic guide to dining out in San Diego with your dog. The first ten restaurants have actual dog menus, with specific food items that you can order for your dog. The second and largest group is restaurants in San Diego with dog-friendly patios. Luckily, San Diego is pretty dog-friendly to begin with, so pretty much every restaurant here with a patio is going to be dog-friendly. Lastly, I’ve included some dog-friendly breweries and wineries that we love! Some of them serve food and some do not, but all are dog-friendly!

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#1-10: Restaurants with Dog Menus

1. West Coast Tavern

2895 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104 | North Park

American Bar Food | $$

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The Dog Menu:

  • Grilled Chicken Breast ($6)
  • Steak and Carrots ($9)
  • Quinoa with Farmer’s Market Veggies ($7)

My Recommendations:

  • Drinks: “My Little Pony” Mule, “The Unicorn” Mule
  • Appetizers: Hummus, Brussels Sprouts
  • Entrees: Classic Burger

 Why We Love It: This is actually one of the first places that I remember seeing a dedicated dog menu! They only allow dogs on their front patio, which is on the smaller side compared to the size of the restaurant in general. That being said, we never really had to wait for a table. The food is great and their drinks are delicious, plus they have fun names – my favorite is the “My Little Pony,” which is a peach flavored Moscow Mule. They also make giant mules with lots of cute straws that are really fun to share with friends!

West Coast Tavern shares a huge building with the North Park Observatory, a mid-size concert venue that hosts a variety of shows. They don’t allow non-service dogs inside, but you should definitely dine at West Coast Tavern beforehand if you ever attend a concert there. There’s free street parking on Kansas street, which is perpendicular to University Ave, but there’s also a huge garage building on the street next to West Coast Tavern that offers cheap parking all the time.

2. Belgian Beer & Waffle

2899 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104 | North Park

Belgian Cafe | $

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The Dog Menu:

  • Beef & Bacon ($5)

My Recommendations:

  • Coffee: Salted Caramel Almond-Milk Latte
  • Drinks: Vanilla White Peach Ale
  • Entrees: Chicken & Waffles with a Dairy-Free Waffle

Why We Love It: This place just opened, but it didn’t take long for me to become completely obsessed with it. They serve both sweet and savory waffle combos with breakfast and lunch options available all day. They have fantastic coffee and a great selection of drinks. I love the vanilla peach ale! Ben and I don’t eat dairy and he doesn’t eat eggs, so it’s very nice to have found a place that has a truly delicious vegan waffle. I think it’s made from bananas and chia seeds, but I know it’s definitely gluten-free! If you’re not vegan, their chicken and waffles is absolutely to die for!! I’ve ordered it every single time so far!

They seem to be allowing dogs inside the restaurant so far, which is totally fine with me! I love that Penny can walk in to order with us and take pictures on their cute couch below their gallery wall. However, they also have a lovely patio out front where we always sit with Penny and any other dogs we’re eating with.

Since Belgian Beer & Waffle is right next door to West Coast Tavern, the parking is exactly the same as described above.

3. Working Class

4095 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92104 | North Park

American Bar Food | $$

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 The Dog Menu:

  • Beef Patty with Brown Rice ($5)
  • Grilled Chicken Breast with Brown Rice ($5)

My Recommendations:

  • Appetizers: Onion Rings, Coconut Shrimp
  • Entrees: Spinach Berry Salad with Grilled Chicken

 Why We Love It: This is one of our favorite places to watch football because they have such great happy hour deals! I’m obsessed with their coconut shrimp, onion rings, and the spinach berry salad with grilled chicken. They also have a great rotating beer selection. There’s a patio on the front and a large, picnic-style patio in the back – both are dog-friendly. My only complaint is that they don’t have any TV’s on the back patio.

Parking is kind of annoying around here, but that’s typical for North Park. We always check for a free street spot near the restaurant, but usually have to park in the neighborhood and walk there. If you live nearby, you can always take a Bird scooter!

4. Lazy Dog Restaurant*

1202 Camino Del Rio N, San Diego, CA 92108 | Mission Valley | *Multiple Locations in Los Angeles

American Comfort Food | $$

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The Dog Menu:

  • Hamburger Patty with Brown Rice ($4.95)
  • Chicken Breast with Brown Rice ($4.95)
  • Plain Brown Rice ($2.50)

 Why We Love It: I have to admit, I’ve only been here once, but I know that a lot of people love to eat here with their dogs because every time I drive past it, the patio is packed with puppers! It’s a great place to meet up with friends because there are several locations around the state and the menu has a lot of variety as far as food styles. They have large portion sizes with things like pastas, burgers and sandwiches, salads, and standard entrees, and they have a full bar, but it’s still a good place to take the whole family.

Lazy Dog Restaurant only has one location here in San Diego, but they’re all over the map as you move closer to Los Angeles!

5. Slater’s 50/50*

2750 Dewey Road #193, San Diego, CA 92106 | Liberty Station | *Multiple Locations Nationwide

Burger Joint with Bar | $$

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The Dog Menu:

  • 50/50 Patty (half beef, half bacon)
  • Turkey Patty
  • 2 Chicken Strips
  • 2 Strips of Bacon

My Recommendations:

  • Drinks: Cali’ Creamin’ on Nitro
  • Entrees: Build Your Own Burger

 Why We Love It: We eat here every time we’re in Liberty Station, which isn’t all that often, but we always enjoy it when we do. Their speciality is a unique combination of beef and bacon in the hamburger patties, which has an interesting texture, but tastes really good. They have a pretty large dog-friendly patio space so it’s good for groups.

Liberty Station is a gorgeous place to walk your dog around! There are lots of outdoor photo ops, cool sculptures and art, and big open grass spaces. We usually go early and walk around quite a bit before dinner at Slater’s 50/50!

6. Anthony’s Fish Grotto

9530 Murray Drive, La Mesa, CA 91942 | East County

Seafood Classics | $$

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Anthony’s Fish Grotto has been around since 1946 – they’re pretty old school and don’t really have a social media presence. They don’t really need one!

The Dog Menu:

  • Free Fresh Baked Dog Biscuits
  • White Fish Mixed into a Mash with Brown Rice and Fresh Veggies
    • Large Dog Portion ($4.95)
    • Small Dog Portion ($2.95)

My Recommendations:

  • Drinks: The “Blue Marlin”
  • Appetizers: Shrimp and Pork Wontons, Brussels Sprouts, Calamari, Coconut Shrimp
  • Entrees: Fish & Chips, Norwegian Salmon with Miso Glaze

 Why We Love It: This place is SO cool! If you walk in through the side entrance, you go through a bamboo forest to get to the front, but if you go in from the front, you get to enter through a giant clamshell. You feel like a mermaid as you walk into the shade past the waterfall by the front doors. The inside of the restaurant is super cool too, but we’ve never sat in there because we always sit lakeside with Penny. It’s so beautiful out there, especially around sunset. There are fish fountains that spit water into the lake off the top of the building and the ducks swimming around the big fountain in the middle.

You check in at the hostess stand inside and let them know you have a dog with you, then they meet you and your dog over at the side gate that leads out to the lakeside dining area. Once you get seated in the dog-friendly part, they bring a water bowl and biscuit treats for your dog and they have caribeaners on every table to attach their leash to. In the back, behind the clubhouse area and the boccee ball court, there is even a dedicated dog bathroom area!

7. Backyard Kitchen & Tap

832 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, CA 92109 | Pacific Beach

American Bar Food | $$

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The Dog Menu:

  • Grilled Chicken Breast with Yellow Rice ($5.95)
  • Hamburger Patty with Yellow Rice ($5.95)
  • Plain Yellow Rice ($1.95)
  • Home-Made Dog Biscuits (5 for $3.95)

My Recommendations:

  • Drinks: Cali’ Creamin’ on Nitro
  • Entrees: Classic Burger with Basil Aioli

 Why We Love It: I really like this place because the way the restaurant is set up, the patio is basically the main seating area, so when you’re there with your dog, you don’t feel isolated like you sometimes do on restaurant patios. It’s a great place to watch sports because they have a lot of TVs that are easily visible from the patio area and a great happy hour menu.

Backyard Kitchen & Tap is really close to the beach, so you can easily take an oceanfront walk with your dog down the Pacific Beach before lunch or dinner there or at Maverick’s Beach Club! There are also lots of other cute shops, restaurants, and bars within walking distance of this area and several of them have dog-friendly patios.

8. Shorehouse Kitchen

2236 Avenida De La Playa, La Jolla, CA 92037 | North County

American Beachside Cafe | $$

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The Dog Menu: 

  • The Treat: Honey Cured Bacon Bits ($2.00)
  • The Brunch Bark Bowl: Free Range Scrambled Eggs with Honey Cured Bacon ($5.00)
  • The California K-9: Grilled and Sliced Chicken Breast Topped with Scrambled Egg Whites Garnished with Organic Spinach ($7.00)
  • Fido’s Finest: Seared and Sliced Grass Fed Ground Beef Patty Topped with Roasted Turkey Bits & Bacon Bits ($7.00); served after 11am

As of writing this blog (November 2019) we actually haven’t been here yet, but several of our friends recommended it! I might take my family here when they visit from Texas for Christmas because my mom always likes to see La Jolla.

Shorehouse Kitchen has another location on 2833 State Street in Carlsbad, California.

9. Shake Shack*

2008 India Street, San Diego, CA 92101 | Mission Valley | *Multiple Locations Nationwide

Burger Bar | $$

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The Dog Menu:

  • The Pooch-ini®: ShackBurger® dog biscuits and vanilla custard
  • Bag O’ Bones: 5 ShackBurger® dog biscuits made by NYC’s Bocce’s Bakery

My Recommendations:

  • Entrees: Shackburger with Crinkle Fries, of course!

 Why We Love It: Shake Shack is one of those places that I haven’t been able to truly enjoy yet because of my lactose intolerance, but I can say that their burgers and fries are delicious! There are multiple locations, so it’s a great place to meet friends. They sell their treats and dog shirts online and even did a collab with Bark to have their own products made into a line of dog toys!

Shake Shack has locations nationwide in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington State, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin.

They have international locations in Bahrain, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Mexico, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and the UK.

10. Kairoa Brewing Company

4601 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92116 | University Heights

Gastropub | $$

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The Dog Menu:

  • Dog Treats (made from butternut squash, peanut butter, and flour; 2 for $1)
  • BFF Bowl (chicken or beef with peas and carrots)
    • Small Serving ($4)
    • Large Serving ($7)

My Recommendations:

  • Drinks: Kairoa Cheeky Buggah
  • Appetizers: New Zealand Hot Chips

 Why We Love It: We used to live within walking distance of this brewery when it first opened, but we moved, so we’ve actually only been there once! We really enjoyed it though – the patio is very large and well-decorated with fire pits and plants galore. The patio is on the second floor and it actually puts you right up next to the iconic University Heights neon trolley sign, so there are some amazing photo ops.

Kairoa Brewing specializes in food from New Zealand, so they have some interesting things on the menu for sure. They call chicken “chook” and have menu items like smoked chook wings and a fried chook sandwich, both of which are very fun to say!

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#11-44: Restaurants with Dog-Friendly Patios

11. Knotty Barrel

832 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, CA 92109 | Downtown

Gastropub | $$

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 Why We Love It: We first started coming here before we got Penny because Ben went to UNC and it’s the official bar for the San Diego chapter of University of North Carolina Alumni. Knotty Barrel hosts the large group for UNC football and basketball games and it’s always really fun! Once we got Penny, we realized they have a super cute patio in the back with its own bar, a fire pit, and a cornhole area. It’s quite a large patio and when you’re out there with your dog, they bring them a bed and a water bowl!

Knotty Barrel has one other location in Rancho Penasquitos that we’ve never been to.

12. Better Buzz Coffee

801 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103 | Hillcrest | *Multiple Locations Across California

Coffee & Cafe Food | $

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 Why We Love It: Better Buzz is quite possibly the trendiest coffee place there is right now. The one in Hillcrest is the one we go to and I always get the “Best Drink Ever,” which is a dairy-free iced latte made with their signature vanilla powder and the avocado toast.

Better Buzz has several locations around San Diego – besides the flagship Hillcrest location, there are three in Pacific Beach and one in La Jolla, Encinitas, Fashion Valley, and Point Loma, and San Marcos.

13. Fiesta Cantina

142 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103 | Hillcrest | *Multiple Locations Across California

Mexican Cantina | $

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 Why We Love It: Fiesta Cantina is a sister restaurant to Cabo Cantina, a place we used to frequent when we lived in LA, and we love it! This place is perfect for weekend drinking, especially during sports games when they offer unlimited bloody marys and a build-your-own-mimosa bar. It’s a very laid-back, college-bar vibe at every location and they all have dog-friendly patios. The margarita menu is creative and extensive and their Mexican food is also really good.

Fiesta Cantina has another location in West Hollywood. Cabo Cantina, which is exactly the same restaurant with a different name, has one location here in San Diego, in Pacific Beach, and several locations across Los Angeles.

14. True North Tavern

3815 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92104 | Hillcrest

American Bar & Grill | $$

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 Why We Love It: We’ve actually only eaten here once, but it’s right in the part of North Park that we spend a lot of time in, and I see dogs on the patio every time! The patio feels small and sort of isolated when they have the garage doors closed, but once they open them, it feels like you’re in the main restaurant for sure. This is a sports bar, so they host a lot of events during sports games and serve typical bar food. If you have tiny humans, please note that this is a 21+ establishment.

Parking around this part of North Park can be tough, but luckily the big public parking garage is across the street from True North Tavern.

Happy hour is Monday through Friday from 3:00pm-7:00pm.

15. George’s Ocean Terrace

1250 Prospect Street, La Jolla, CA 92037 | North County

Oceanfront New American | $$$

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 Why We Love It: The Ocean Terrace is actually the top floor of a 3-story restaurant called George’s at the Cove. If you’re lucky enough to get a table on the edge of the patio, you’ll get an unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean and the La Jolla coves. Keep in mind, the rooftop terrace is the only part of George’s that is dog-friendly.

This restaurant is located in a very walkable area of La Jolla with great shopping and some beautiful views, so be sure to save time to walk around with your pup before or after your meal!

There is quite a bit of street parking available in La Jolla near George’s. They also have valet available at most restaurants.

16. Westfield UTC

Shopping Center with Multiple Dining Options

view mall map

 Restaurants in Westfield UTC with Dog-Friendly Patios:

Click a restaurant to view their website –

 Why We Love It: Westfield UTC is easily one of the most beautiful malls I’ve ever been to! It’s all outdoors and the landscaping is incredible – there are sculptures everywhere, several huge fountains, a really cool kids play area, and even its own dog park!! Almost all of the stores in the mall are dog-friendly and there are several outdoor dining options where you can grab a meal with your pup. This is a great place to meet up with friends for a mini pack walk followed by lunch!

Since it’s a mall, there is a ton of free parking! We usually park in the lot near The Corner Bakery, but there is also a huge, brand-new parking structure on the other side of the property.

17. Quartyard

1301 Market Street, San Diego, CA 92101 | Downtown

Coffee, Bar & Burgers | $$

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 Why We Love It: Quartyard is super cool! It’s basically a compound made out of shipping containers – there’s one container that’s a burger cafe, one that’s a bar, one that’s a coffee shop, and one that’s a bathroom – surrounding a dog park, dining area, and concert venue. How fun does that sound? They host a lot of cool events there, so be sure to check out the calendar on their website. There is also a really cool giant mural wall here! The vibe is very cool and perfect for Instagram photos of course.

Parking downtown is the worst – take an Uber or prepare to be frustrated.

18. Maverick’s Beach Club

860 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, CA 92109 | Pacific Beach

Bar Food | $$

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 Why We Love It: I haven’t actually been to Maverick’s Beach Club with Penny yet, but I had a great time there at my friend’s birthday party! It’s next door to Backyard Kitchen and Tap in Pacific Beach and they have a huge patio with fire pits and outdoor games.

Every first Wednesday of the month, from 3:00-10:00pm, they host a Wag Wednesday Yappy Hour, where they turn their patio into an off-leash dog park and have $6 Tito’s drink specials.

Maverick’s Beach Club is really close to the beach, so you can easily take an oceanfront walk with your dog down the Pacific Beach before lunch or dinner there or at Backyard Kitchen & Tap! There are also lots of other cute shops, restaurants, and bars within walking distance of this area and several of them have dog-friendly patios.

There is some street parking around here and a few paid lots, but we usually take an Uber.

19. Home and Away

2222 San Diego Avenue, San Diego, CA 92110 | Old Town

Bar Food | $$

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 Why We Love It: Home and Away is a really cool gem of a sports bar tucked into the overwhelmingly Mexican vibe of Old Town San Diego! They have a huge patio with bar games like giant Jenga and corn hole, but the entire restaurant is dog-friendly. There are video games inside, a large selection of beers on tap, a great food menu, and they’re open every single day of the year besides Christmas! Home and Away is super kid-friendly if you want to bring the whole family as well as your dog!

If you’re a golf fan, you’ll appreciate the corner booth that serves as a Phil Mickelson shrine. He’s apparently a member of their liquor locker club, so you might even see him around!

There is a small parking lot for the restaurant with street parking nearby as well.

20. Snooze an A.M. Eatery*

3940 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103 | Hillcrest | *Multiple Locations Nationwide

Breakfast and Brunch | $$

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 Why We Love It: I actually haven’t eaten here with Penny yet, but I ate at Snooze several times when I lived in Arizona! They have an incredible breakfast/brunch menu with really good morning cocktails. The Hillcrest location has a large dog-friendly patio, so it’s a great place to meet friends for brunch!

Snooze serves everything you can imagine as far as breakfast food, including a legendary build-your-own-benny menu where you can design your own custom Eggs Benedict dish.

Here in San Diego, Snooze has locations in Hillcrest, La Jolla, and Del Mar. There are two other California locations in Tustin and Orange County. Snooze is also located in Arizona, California, Texas, Colorado, and North Carolina, with locations coming to Georgia and Missouri in 2020!

21. City Tacos

8325 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91942 | East County | *Multiple Locations Across San Diego

Tacos | $

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 Why We Love It: City Tacos is SO GOOD. It was recommended to us by a friend when we first moved to San Diego, way before we got Penny, and we’ve loved it ever since. They have pretty much every kind of taco you can imagine – including a squid and octopus one – with specific options for vegetarians and vegans as well. I, however, have a pretty simple palette and therefore always go for the pollo asado and carne asada! The restaurants are small and you order at the counter, but then you can sit outside with your pup while you enjoy your tacos!

They have locations in North Park, La Mesa, Imperial Beach, and Encinitas with locations coming soon to Pacific Beach, Sorrento Valley, Petco Park, and Seaport Village.

22. San Diego Pier Cafe

885 W Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101 | Seaport Village

Seafood and Grill | $$

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 Why We Love It: The Pier Cafe is one of my favorite places to take people when they’re visiting San Diego! It’s super cool because, as you can see in the photo, it’s out over the water in Seaport Village, so the views are fantastic.Their patio is very dog-friendly, so you can bring your pup out to enjoy a meal of delicious seafood classics. I always opt for the unhealthy fried deliciousness that is calamari and fish and chips! If you don’t have your dog with you, you can sit on the second floor and get an even better view of the waterfront and the Coronado Bridge. While dining here, we have seen some really interesting warships pass through the harbor, which is always exciting.

Seaport Village is a great area to walk around because it’s full of little shops, restaurants, and scenic waterfront views, all connected by a very dog-friendly landscaped pathway!

There is lots of metered lot parking available in Seaport Village, but you can always take an Uber so that you can walk around and you don’t have to go back to the same place you started.

23. The Corner Drafthouse

495 Laurel Street, San Diego, CA 92101 | Bankers Hill

Gastropub | $$

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 Why We Love It: When we first moved to San Diego, we lived within walking distance of Corner Drafthouse and we came here all the time! They have great beers and the most amazing brussels sprouts. Oh and yes, that is baby Penny over there on their Instagram! They have dog-friendly seating surrounding the perimeter of the restaurant as well as a small patio out back if you want more space.

This restaurant is right across the street from the entrance to the Balboa Park area, so it’s a great place to walk around before or after your meal! There is an off-leash dog park near the Balboa Park bridge that is great for large dogs!

There is only metered street parking around here. Be careful of one-way streets!

24. King and Queen Cantina

1490 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101 | Little Italy

Mexican Restaurant | $$

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 Why We Love It: We’ve only been here once to celebrate a friend’s birthday, but it was a very cool place! It’s full of colorful art and the restaurant is two stories and all open-air, so the dogs are allowed to sit both inside and out. Our friend Lauren (@peakepups) chose this restaurant for her birthday because she specifically wanted the bone marrow tacos, so that’s her recommendation! We went during happy hour, so I had chips and guac and some of the asada tacos with a mango margarita.

This restaurant is in Little Italy, which is a very scenic walkable area, so you might save time before or after your meal for an exploratory walk!

Parking is difficult around here, but not impossible. Look for metered street parking or one of the many paid public parking lots in the area.

King and Queen Cantina has another location in Baja California, Mexico at the Rondo del Valle Winery.

25. The Crack Shack*

2266 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101 | Little Italy | *Multiple Locations Across California 

Fried Chicken | $$

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 Why We Love It: Crack Shack is a really cool fried chicken restaurant! Most of the locations have large, dog-friendly patios with outdoor games and a giant chicken statue for photos. Pretty much all they serve is fried chicken, both in regular and sandwich form, but they also have a sizable salad menu. The line to order can get pretty long on the weekends, but the food is very much worth it.

Crack Shack has several locations in California, including the one in Little Italy that we’ve been to, and restaurants in Encinitas, Costa Mesa, Century City, Pasadena, and one in Las Vegas, Nevada.

26. Twisted Taps

2302 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104 | University Heights/North Park

Beer and Tacos | $

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 Why We Love It: Twisted Taps is a tiny gem of a bar that we used to live within walking distance of. The space is small, but they have a full Mexican food menu and a sizable patio where you can dine with your pup. They have several beers on tap and a happy hour menu, as well as rotating daily specials.

When you sit on the patio, you’ll get a nice view of the historic Lafayatte Hotel, which makes for some nice photo ops.

Parking is somewhat tricky around here – metered street spots only – but Twisted Taps might have a small lot in the back.

27. Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse*

901 Bayfront Ct Suite 105, San Diego, CA 92101 | Downtown Waterfront | *Multiple Locations Nationwide

Steak and Seafood | $$$

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 Why We Love It: Del Frisco’s is actually my favorite steak house of all time. I always eat there when I’m in Houston and had no idea that one had opened up downtown here in San Diego. We were invited to a Tito’s Vodka dog event on their large dog-friendly patio not too long ago and had a fantastic evening. The patio at the San Diego location is beautiful, with fire pits and views of the ships on the waterfront across the park. The walls to the bar downstairs open out to the patio, so you don’t feel isolated out there.

My favorite drink here is the VIP Martini, which is a pineapple and clementine vodka cocktail. It’s very strong, but tastes like juice, so be careful! Their peppercorn crusted steak with peppercorn gravy is fantastic and the rest of the food on the menu is delicious. Like I said, this is my favorite steakhouse.

Del Frisco’s has many locations nationwide, though not are dog-friendly, so be sure to check before taking your dog with you! They have restaurants in California, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Colorado, Nevada, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.

There is a paid public parking structure on the way into the San Diego Del Frisco’s restaurant.

28. Curbside Eatery

8353 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91942 | La Mesa

Gastropub | $$

view human menu

 Why We Love It: Curbside Eatery is one of my new favorites! It’s in the heart of downtown La Mesa’s most walkable area and has a wraparound dog-friendly patio. They serve beer alongside a full bar and a small food menu with classic California appetizers and some very delicious sandwiches.

There is a lot of metered street parking in this area of La Mesa.

29. BO-Beau Kitchen and Gardens

8384 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91942 | La Mesa

American Restaurant | $$

view human menu

 Why We Love It: We haven’t actually eaten here yet, but we’ve walked past it several times and it’s been on my list for its beautiful patio area alone! It’s across the street from Curbside Eatery in a very walkable part of downtown La Mesa. The patio garden is huge and absolutely gorgeous, with fire pits, string lights, and plants everywhere. They serve French and American cuisine alongside creative craft cocktails and wine.

BO-Beau has several locations around San Diego, including one the one in La Mesa and in Ocean Beach and Hillcrest. For those closer to LA, there is also one in Long Beach.

30. OB Surf Lodge

5083 Santa Monica Ave Suite 1F, San Diego, CA 92107 | Ocean Beach

American Restaurant | $$

view human menu

 Why We Love It: OB Surf Lodge is a great place to eat if you’re in the Ocean Beach Area. It’s close to the Municipal Pier, which is crazy long and makes for a good walk. They serve traditional bar food like burgers and sandwiches with a ton of beers on tap and other drink options available. They serve my favorite beer, Mother Earth Cali Creamin’, on nitro. When you sit on the patio, you get a great view of the beach and all of the interesting people that inhabit it. There are usually people slack-lining on the little grass area that are fun to watch.

If you happen to be here without your dog, Wonderland Pub upstairs is also very good!

There is a free public beach parking lot nearby as well as street parking in the area.

31. Casa Guadalajara

4105 Taylor Street, San Diego, CA 92110 | Old Town

Mexican Restaurant | $$

view human menu

 Why We Love It: Casa Guadalajara is a huge, color Mexican compound on the outskirts of Old Town San Diego. Their huge patio with several fountains is dog-friendly, where you can dine alongside stately trees dripping with party lights and papel picado, colorful Mexican party banners. Both the food and the atmosphere is old-school, traditional Mexican – the servers even wear elaborate historical clothing. The line to eat here can be long, but you can get drinks and appetizers in the bar while you wait for a table. We usually just hold Penny while we’re in the bar area, but I think there’s a section of the patio where you can have a drink while you wait with your large dog for a table.

Our friend Jojo (@supercorgi_jojo) is pictured here enjoying a festive meal on the patio at Casa Guadalajara!

Old Town San Diego is a great place to walk around with your dog! There are beautiful outdoor photo ops and lots of cool plants – just be sure to stay on the path. Some of the other large Mexican restaurants have dog-friendly patios and others do not.

Casa Guadalajara has a free parking lot in the back behind the restaurant, but there is a paid public lot across the street in case of overflow. Old Town also has lots of street parking, both free and metered.

#45-50: Dog-Friendly Breweries

32. The Ugly Dog Pub

6344 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115 | College Grove

Bar Only | $

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 Why We Love It: The Ugly Dog Pub doesn’t serve any food, but I still wanted to put it on this list because it’s super dog-friendly! It’s the only dog-friendly bar near where we live that we ever frequent and we always have a good time and meet some cool people there. Since they don’t serve food, dogs are allowed both inside the bar and outside on the back patio. They do trivia nights and other competition events, but the best part is that they have free pool (billiards) at all times! There are tons of beer on tap and TV’s and dartboards on the patio, where they have several picnic tables.

You’re allowed to bring whatever food you want in here and you can always order pizza if you start drinking and get hungry!

We always Uber here but I think there’s some street parking available.

33. Belching Beaver

4223 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92104 | North Park | *Multiple Locations Across California

Bar Only | $

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 Why We Love It: Belching Beaver isn’t technically a restaurant, it’s just a beer bar, but I put it on this list because it happens to be the building on which the amazing “Welcome to San Diego” mural wall lives. We’ve only been to the North Park location listed here, but since they don’t serve food, they allow dogs inside! My favorite beer there is the “Me So Honey” blonde honey wheat ale.

There are 4 other locations – one in Ocean Beach, one in Oceanside, and two in Vista.

34. Barn Brewery

2850 El Cajon Blvd #3, San Diego, CA 92104 | University Heights

Bar Food | $

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 Why We Love It: This is one of my favorite places of all time, seriously. We used to live in walking distance of Barn Brewery and I honestly miss that so much… They have a patio, but since it’s an open-air restaurant, they also allow dogs inside! The food is amazing – burgers, fries, tacos, corndogs, etc. – and they have a garlic aioli that goes perfectly on pretty much everything. They do trivia night on Tuesdays and the beers are really good, one of our favorites is the tangerine wheat ale they have sometimes.

There’s a tiny parking lot behind the bar, otherwise it’s just street parking.

35. Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens

2816 Historic Decatur Road, San Diego, CA 92106 | Liberty Station | *Multiple Locations Across San Diego

Gastropub | $$

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 Why We Love It: This location of Stone Brewing is super cool and definitely worth seeing! It’s an absolutely huge place, both inside and out, with the most amazing dog-friendly gardens. There are Koi ponds and waterfalls and fire pits to enjoy while you drink and dine.

I belong to a group chat of San Diego dog parents on Instagram and this is actually where our 2019 Friendsgiving Dinner was hosted! There were 17 dogs there and we all sat at a huge long table, Game of Thrones style. We got excellent service for such a large party and miraculously, all of the dogs behaved! The beer was great, the food was delicious, and the friends were plenty – overall, it was a wonderful night.

Stone Brewing has several locations across the globe. Here in San Diego, there are a few – the one in Liberty Station that we go to, one up North in Escondido, and outposts in Little Italy on Kettner, downtown on J Street, and in the San Diego Airport. Elsewhere in California, there is one in Oceanside and one in Pasadena. Crazily enough, they also have locations in Germany and Shanghai!

36. Modern Times Beer*

3725 Greenwood Street, San Diego, CA 92110 | Point Loma | *Multiple Locations Nationwide

Beer Only | $

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 Why We Love It: Modern Times is a very cool, very large brewery (of both beer and espresso) tucked away behind Point Loma’s hectic big box shopping area. They don’t serve food here, but they do usually feature a food truck on the patio. The reason I’m featuring them on this list is because they have an absolutely huge dog-friendly patio area, so it’s a great place to host dog parties or meet-ups. We first went here for a Swell Gelato for Dogs meet-up and had a great time!

The decor at the Point Loma Modern Times is incredible – the bar is made of books, the two-story coffee shop is lined completely in Garbage Pail Kids and other trading cards, and there are a lot of high ceilings and cool art pieces.

Modern Times has several locations in California, including two in San Diego (North Park and Point Loma), and in Los Angeles, Encinitas, and Santa Barbara. There is also one in Portland, Oregon.

#45-50: Dog-Friendly Wineries

37. Orfila Vineyards and Winery

13455 San Pasqual Road, Escondido, CA 92025 | Escondido

Winery | $$

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 Why We Love It: Orfila is beautiful! We went here with Ben’s parents when they were visiting from North Carolina and we had a wonderful time. Dogs are allowed inside the tasting room here, which is great because Penny was happy to lay at my feet while I made my way through several wine samples. They don’t serve food here, but do have snacks available for purchase inside. The patio area is gorgeous and there is a designated picnic area in the back where kids and dogs are free to run around and be loud.

Orfila has their main winery on the vineyard grounds in Escondido as well as a tasting room in Oceanside.

38. Callaway Vineyards and Winery

32720 Rancho California Road, Temecula, CA 92591 | Temecula

Winery | $$

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 Why We Love It: Callaway is our favorite winery in the Temecula area, for sure. We belonged to their wine club for a while and enjoyed every last drop that was delivered to our house. The vineyards are absolutely stunning, with grassy space for dogs to run around. We love going here and bring lots of visitors to San Diego up to Callaway for wine tasting and a picnic.

There is a restaurant onsite called Meritage, but we usually just do a little charcuterie picnic.

If you want to try Callaway’s wine before making the drive out to the vineyards, they have a tasting room in Little Italy.

39. Mount Palomar Winery

33820 Rancho California Road, Temecula, CA 92591 | Temecula

Winery | $$

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 Why We Love It: Mount Palomar is where the Temecula Valley Wine and Wieners Festival is held every year, so it’s safe to say it’s dog-friendly! The grounds are absolutely beautiful, with lots of fountains, flower beds, and architectural elements for dog photo ops. There is a restaurant onsite and plenty of grass space for outdoor drinking.

40. Cordiano Vineyards and Winery

15732 Highland Valley Road, Escondido, CA 92025 | Escondido

Winery | $$

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Why We Love It: Cordiano is really nice because it has a food menu, while many of the other dog-friendly wineries only serve charcuterie items. There are beautiful views of the vineyard that make great photo ops and a lovely tasting menu to enjoy alongside your pizza.