Keeping Up With Kefir: Bazzy’s Kefir

| We first heard about Bazzy’s Kefir at Sushi’s birthday party in LA several months back. The company was there handing out samples and Penny absolutely loved the plain flavored kefir when she tried it!! Bazzy’s was kind enough to reach out and send us the most beautiful pink press kit, including tons of amazing stuff for me and more of their yummy frozen treats for Penny! In this post, we’ll be talking about the health benefits of Kefir and why you should definitely check out Bazzy’s!

Why We Love Bazzy’s Kefir:

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Made in California
  • Human-grade quality
  • Amazing branding
  • Non-dairy and vegan
  • Immunity boosting
  • Antifungal & antibacterial
  • Aids digestion & wound healing
  • Decreases inflammatory response
  • IT’S DELICIOUS! Penny loves it!

This post is sponsored in part by Bazzy’s Kefir, however all opinions expressed are my own!

What is Kefir?

First of all – and don’t feel bad because I had to look this up too – it’s pronounced “key-fur.” According to the Bazzy’s website, kefir is “a superpowered probiotic with a whole host of friendly bacteria and yeast, great for improving gut health and providing science-based health benefits such as skin and allergy support.” Kefir itself is a probiotic grain that is often fermented in a milk product to create a thin, yogurt-style drink for humans. It’s been around for thousands of years since it originated in Russia. The kefir grains themselves look like tiny heads of cauliflower and are formed of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts embedded in a matrix of proteins, lipids, and polysaccharides. When kefir grains are fermented in milk of any kind, they create a health, probiotic drink that benefits creatures of all species!

How Bazzy’s Kefir Got Started:

When a beloved rescue dog, a black lab named Bazzy, developed itchy and uncomfortable skin issues due to allergies, his mom Yumiko knew that kefir could help. Together with her sister Ayako, Yumiko developed a frozen pet treat containing the immune-boosting probiotic to help Bazzy’s skin issues. After his skin cleared up and his patchy coat grew in thick and shiny, they knew they were onto something! Thankfully, they continued to develop the brand in order to share their amazing new product with all of us! Their mission is to share the healing properties of kefir and show people the difference it can make in their pets’ lives! Visit their website – – to stock up on their delicious frozen kefir treats for pets!

What Makes Kefir So Healthy?

Kefir is low in calories and fat, but packed with protein and probiotics, so it’s good for both humans and pets! Consuming kefir products benefits the digestive system by reducing flatulence, promoting motility of the bowel, and offering relief for upset stomachs. The bacteria and yeast in kefir – unlike those found in yogurt – can actually colonize your gastrointestinal tract, so they’ll stay with you for a long time instead of passing straight through. Now I’m not a vet or a scientist, but I read that research has found that kefir contains kefiran, a polysaccharide associated with lower blood pressure and cholesterol in animal studies. It’s also loaded with B vitamins and tryptophan (the amino acid responsible for the “high” you get from too much Thanksgiving turkey), which fend off stress and produce a calming effect. All that being said, it’s the perfect probiotic treat for humans, dogs, and cats alike!

Why Do We Love Bazzy’s?

Penny loves the taste of Bazzy’s Kefir – she won’t stop licking until the entire cup is empty! Their 3oz frozen kefir cups come in two flavors: plain/original and peanut butter blueberry. Another great thing about Bazzy’s is that it’s made from coconut milk, so it’s completely vegan. We aren’t a vegan household by any means, but I’m lactose-intolerant so we don’t have much dairy around the house. That being said, Penny must be a bit lactose-intolerant as well because she gets awful gas whenever she consumes it. Since Bazzy’s frozen kefir treats are made from coconut milk instead of real dairy, they have no ill-effects because the ingredient list is so simple! Both flavors of Bazzy’s kefir treats are made from coconut milk, heavy coconut cream, coconut cream, maple syrup, and kefir cultures. The peanut butter and blueberry flavor obviously has those two ingredients added to the mix. It can’t get much more simple and delicious than that!

Another thing I love about Bazzy’s is their branding! I’m a graphic designer, so that kind of thing is very important to me and I was immediately blown away by their amazing style! Their marketing materials are beautiful and their press kit was phenomenal! Go check out their instagram too – it’s beautiful!