Let’s Take a Shelfie: Penny’s Beauty Routine

| Penny gets lots of compliments on her beautiful hair, so I thought we’d share her beauty routine! First of all, Penny is a half-long-hair, half-short-hair, purebred Dachshund. Her mom, Lola, has super short red hair – the type of Dachshund most people picture in their heads – and her dad, Hondo, has very long, luxurious, black and tan hair. Penny ended up being the cutest mix of both! When I first got her, pretty much only the hair on her ears was long, but as she nears her second birthday, she’s gotten very floofy all over!

Let’s take a look at Penny’s #shelfie! Keep scrolling to see her full beauty routine!

This post is sponsored in part by Herbsmith, however, all opinions expressed are my own.

Bath Time

Ever since we first got Penny, we’ve been using EarthBath Pet products to bathe her! Fun fact – the bottle of puppy shampoo and conditioner spray are the first and only ones we’ve ever bought! Penny gets bathed about twice a month, so it’s safe to say their products last a long time! I went ahead and purchased the mango 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner to have on hand for when we run out of the puppy kind.

I bathe her in the bath tub with a detachable shower head! I give her a nice scratchy massage all over to get the suds going and then work the shampoo through the areas with the longest hair, like around her legs. I rinse her super well and then towel-dry her before she rolls around on a towel while I blow dry her.

Hair Care

To keep Penny’s hair shiny, luxurious, soft, and healthy, she takes Glimmer Skin and Coat supplements by Herbsmith! It’s made from natural fish oils, so it’s rich in fatty acids, which help maintain healthy hair and skin. Dogs that experience dry skin, dandruff, or itchiness might be lacking Omega-3 in their diet. Most Omega-3 in dog food comes from salmon oil, but the Glimmer supplements derive theirs from Krill and Anchovies, which are more sustainable and less likely to harbor high mercury levels. You can see the black sesame seeds, which are an ancient Chinese source of Omega-3. She loves the taste of these supplements and happily takes it as a treat!

All of Penny’s hair brushes are from Petco and are pictured here in a Coco and Chili Mug! To keep Penny smelling fresh and clean in between baths, we use a pet perfume by Max Bone, sold by Coco and Chili. Use code PENNY at checkout for 20% off!!

Eyes and Ears

Penny gets eye boogers throughout the day, so for particularly bad ones, we like to use these Melon-scented face wipes from Barkbar! To clean her ears, we use Oti-Clens ear cleaning solution, which is linked above. I soak a cotton pad in the solution and swab out the inside of her ears. It’s very important to keep your dog’s ears clean to avoid several types of infections that can occur within the ear.

Penny Loves her Glimmer Skin and Coat Supplement!